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Why DrFritz.org ?

The work done by Dr. Fritz through medium Kleber Aran is simply beautiful. I have witnessed it many times and I have seen physical surgeries that have driven me onto the verge of insanity. Great many people have benefited from this treatment, therefore I have decided to share my experience and make this information available to others.

The information about Dr. Fritz on various websites such as Wikipedia, skeptic.com, and theskepticsguide.org is largely incomplete, biased, and often pejoratively written. Further, it seems to be imparted by people who never have investigated and experienced the phenomenon themselves. Therefore, this website is an attempt to provide a more objective picture and a first-person account of the work of Dr. Fritz.

Dr. Fritz has been active through a few different mediums in Brazil for a long time and it seems that nowadays he is more present than ever before. It is time to start to investigate, analyse, and understand the phenomenon rather than continuously neglecting it.

It is not the intention of this website to pressingly persuade anyone to go to Brazil in order to see Dr. Fritz or to undergo his treatment. Also, it is not the intention to promote the spiritual treatment as the utmost weapon against all health problems and other issues. However, those who consider to undergo and experience the treatment, for whatever reason, may find great relief, alleviation, and strong proof of the beautiful work of this impressive and unexplained phenomenon – the spirit Dr. Adolph Fritz.

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Please respect the copyright of this website and its content. The nature of this topic is very delicate, hence it is important to prevent misinformation, false interpretations, and other wrongdoing that will be difficult to counteract once it has spread. Therefore, please do not use, copy, post, share, or reupload the content on this website without prior permission. Of course, you are welcome to invite everybody who is at least aged 18 to visit this website – I hope that you and others like it.

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