Kleber Aran - The Medium

Kleber Aran is the man in who the spirit Dr. Fritz incorporates. His full name is 'Kleber Aran Ferreira e Silva' but people usually call him by ‘Aran’, ‘medium Aran’, or friendly ‘mestre Aran’. He is a warm-hearted and very down-to-earth individual with a natural smile and a countenance that can equally express joy and sober seriousness. His voice is soft and clear and the look in his eyes is friendly but keen.

When Aran arrives at Dr. Fritz’s centre he shakes hands and greets all volunteers personally and chats with patients and visitors. He treats everybody with respect. He also jokes a lot and people like it as his jokes are often very funny. Aran is no saint or guru and he does not pretend to be one. He is as much human as everyone else.

Aran had a considerably difficult childhood. His parents and people around him believed that he was possessed by negative forces as many inexplicable events happened with him and in his immediate environment. From an early age on he has perceived entities and events around him that the general individual does not seem to see or perceive.

When Aran was 20 years of age, the spirit Dr. Fritz incorporated in him for the very first time. He had a difficult start with Dr. Fritz as he did not want to serve as a medium and share the same fate as some previous mediums in who Dr. Fritz incorporated previously. For example, José Arigo, who died from a coronary.

Aran is in full trance for the time Dr. Fritz takes direct control of him and he does not perceive nor remember anything that happens during that time. After the service, that is after Dr. Fritz has attended all the people that were seeking his help on a given day, the volunteers who were helping out with executing the event need to tell and explain him everything that happened.

Just because Aran is in service for the spirit Dr. Fritz does not mean that the work goes without any physical burden on his body. As he does certain body movements over and over, after three consecutive days of work he often reports that his legs, his back and his arms ache and that he feels exhausted. As a result he asks the volunteers to coordinate their work better, such as providing the instruments, providing the in-water-soaked cotton wool balls, or positioning the patients in a way that he can do his work more easily and reduce the physical burden that is on him.

At times Aran shares astonishing anecdotes and intriguing stories about his close bond with Dr. Fritz and makes it clear that being a medium for the doctor spirit means most of all managing great responsibility.

If asked for his religion Aran replies that he is in service of God, Jesus and the spirit that works through him.

It is important to understand that Aran’s work as an alternative therapist is unrelated to his work as a medium for Dr. Fritz. These two are different matters. The work as an alternative therapist is Aran’s profession and he is paid for it whereas his charitable work with Dr. Fritz is his ‘vocation’ and he does not and cannot charge for it. The distinction between the professional occupation and the mediumship work with Dr. Fritz has applied to previous mediums too. The of a doctor spirit is charity and it must not be charged for it.