Good Reasons to Donate
I would like to continue and to expand this project in order to make Dr. Fritz’s treatment and surgeries, carried out through the hands of medium Aran Kleber, available to everybody – simple and easy – this means:
  • Offer my travel assistance and translator services free of charge or as cheap as possible to most of those who want to visit Dr. Fritz in Brazil, especially those who want to come for health reasons, but also for those who are curious and the scientific audience. I can only do this once the donations cover my cost of living and expenses.
  • Bring Dr. Fritz to other countries where he could attend those people who cannot or do not want to travel to Brazil. The goal is to offer such events as cheap as possible to all those that want to attend. Dr. Fritz does not and cannot charge for his work, therefore only way to achieve this goal is by receiving donations.
  • Encourage and facilitate scientific research to measure the success of treatment under scientific criteria and to investigate the physiological and neurological states of medium Aran Kleber under the influence of Dr. Fritz. This surely means travelling and meeting with many different scientists and science supporters before the first studies get off the ground.
  • Document and preserve this knowledge for future generations.
  • Maintain and further advance this website to reach people of all backgrounds, languages, and cultures. Keeping this website running, updated, and secure is more time-consuming and costly than it may seem at first glance. But it is the best tool to provide up-to-date and engaging information to people all over the world.
  • Create high-quality video, photo, and audio contents as well as articles and interviews, and making them available in different languages in different media.
In order to achieve these goals your support is crucial. Only a few actually contribute out of all those who visit this website or contact me. Hence, if you like what you read and see on here, please think about supporting this project. You can view the donation page here. Every contribution helps, no matter how small.