Dr. Fritz and Kleber Aran

The spirit Dr. Fritz says that he has chosen to work through the man Kleber Aran because he knows him from his previous life during the time of World War I. Back in that time, Aran had shown to be a man of great integrity – honest, upright, and trustworthy.

Watching Kleber Aran under the influence of Dr. Fritz leaves no doubt about what his mission is. On an average day between 300 to 800 people wait for the start of the service in a somewhat dated industrial hall that is filled with emotions and expectations – and flooded with hope, awe, and joy when Dr. Fritz greets the audience with a loud, grumpy-sounding but positive forceful shout.

When Dr. Fritz controls Kleber Aran

Medium Kleber Aran only speaks Brazilian Portuguese, Brazil’s official language. However, from the moment Dr. Fritz incorporates in Aran, Aran’s command of German is all of sudden very present. He can understand a German native speaker at full fluency and respond meaningful. His understanding of English, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, and some other languages becomes surprisingly good too. He might falter when replying in these languages, but his English, and even more his German, are the most solid ones. Regardless of the language Dr. Fritz speaks in a given moment, all of them remind of a guttural Prussian German. Interestingly, his Portuguese starts to suffer immediately, frequently using wrong gender forms, grammar, wrong words, often mixed up with German so that, at times, even the Brazilians have difficulties to understand and ask him to repeat what he has just said.

Medium Aran is in full trance

Aran is in full trance during the entire time Dr. Fritz is incorporated in him, he does not perceive nor remember anything that happens during that time. His characteristics – physical and mental – change notably.

Under the control of Dr. Fritz, Aran’s voice becomes forceful, strong, and may even sound grumpy. As commanding as he can sound as loving are his words and actions. At times he may shout, complain, and even abruptly swear using German words. Such occurrences are rather funny and diverting to the audience and the patients than these could ever be offensive. It is difficult not to smile whenever he does that.

With Dr. Fritz in control of Aran’s body, Aran’s walking and posture demonstrate great confidence and readiness. His blazing eyes show pure determination mixed with a deep sympathy for the people who have come to meet him. He is here to make it count and he will do everything that is within his power to help those who seek his help.

The slight movements and tilting of his head give the impression that his mind is constantly sensing the ambience and the people surrounding him – the feelings they show or hide, the words they speak or think, the burden they carry or let go, and the faith that elevates their spirit – while always respecting their personal space and never accessing their secrets.

Under the influence of Dr. Fritz, Aran can correctly differentiate between malignant tissue and a lipoma within a fraction of an instant. Even without touching or looking at them he makes a decision on the way of treatment and what instrument to use, if any.

Simpleness, openness, and no hierarchy

What makes this entire experience so outstanding is that there is almost no hierarchy or precedence of treatment apart from the most urgent and severe cases are treated right at the beginning of the service. Although most people wait for their turn, at nearly any time it is possible to walk right up to Aran, or Dr. Fritz in this case, and share what it is that support or help is needed for. The volunteers, who orbit around him, are supporting and encourage the patient to speak with Dr. Fritz rather than shielding him.

The openness and welcomeness of the entire service are a true reflection of medium Aran’s honest account and willingness to share insights and experiences about his relationship with Dr. Fritz. Similarly, Aran’s wit, humour, and funniness seem to give this striking work an elevating and charming spin without losing its seriousness, importance, and intent.

The multitudes of new and returning visitors, who come from all parts of Brazil and abroad, serve as an attestation of this amazing and exceptional work. And everybody who wants to see or experience Dr. Fritz working through the hands of medium Aran Kleber is invited to do so.