Response to Misinformation

Dear reader, on this page it is tried to briefly respond to
some misinformation about the phenomenon Dr. Fritz.

Dr. Fritz’s date of birth, life events and death
There are a few different dates of birth from different authors and journalists, ranging form 1851 to 1876. Also, there is disagreement on where he lived and died.

Does Dr. Fritz accompany a medium for all their life?
There are cases in which Dr. Fritz seems to have stopped working with a medium. One eventual example might be a formerly popular medium in Rio de Janeiro. However, this does not at all give an indication about this person’s mediumship, neither does it allow for any judgement why Dr. Fritz stopped working with them.

Instances of Dr. Fritz before José Arigo
There is a likelihood that Dr. Fritz had been incorporating in an individual before José Arigo, but to date no evidence has been found that this was the case.

At present, a few mediums in Brazil incorporate Dr. Fritz
It might seem even more illogical than the phenomenon Dr. Fritz itself but currently there are a few people in Brazil in which Dr. Fritz incorporates, men and women. They partly share similarities in treatment, behaviour of the medium, message to the visitors and patients and German language skills once Dr. Fritz has taken control.

How can Dr. Fritz incorporate in different individuals?
There can be various assumptions about how Dr. Fritz can take control of a human being but each of them can hardly be proved. Perhaps a spirit is not to be understood as ‘something’ that looks like a semi-transparent human who is flying around. Rather, it might be the case that a spirit is to be understood as a field, similar to a field in physics, with various centres of density, gravity, and force.

Similarity of treatment between José Arigo and Aran Kleber
Mostly, the treatment is the same as it used to be back in José Arigo’s time. What Aran usually doesn’t do is writing pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Can a medium for Dr. Fritz become corrupted?
Treatment should be free of charge. People can donate if they want but there is no obligation to do so. Dr. Fritz has clearly stated that the mediums are responsible for their actions and they must not abuse their gift for their own advantages.

All doubters, critics, and sceptics, as well as everyone else, are welcome to investigate the work of Dr. Fritz themselves first-hand. The upcoming treatment days are published on the page When & Where. If you have questions about Dr. Firtz’s forthcoming treatment dates, you can always contact me.