The Beginning of Dr. Fritz

Before Dr. Fritz started to incorporate into Kleber Aran he incorporated in a few select individuals. The first and also most popular was José Arigo (José Pedro de Freitas).

José Arigo, or simply called ‘Arigo’, is the first documented medium into who the spirit Dr. Fritz incorporated. José Arigo was eventually born in October 1921, not 1918 as often stated in the English literature. He attended school for only 3 years. He was around the age of 30 when Dr. Fritz incorporated in him for the very first time. Even Brazil’s former president Juscelino Kubitschek, who was a qualified physician and who had specialized in surgery in Paris and the Middle East himself, visited Dr. Fritz to have his daugther treated.

John Grant Fuller, in the book ‘Arigo – The Surgeon of the Rusty Knife’, brilliantly recaps Arigo’s outstanding capabilities, describing the spirit Dr. Fritz at work:

José Arigo during one of his famous eye surgeries. The photo was taken by the magazine Realidade in March 1967.

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José Arigo was followed by Edson Cavalcante Queiroz, who was a gynaecologist that impressively demonstrated Dr. Fritz’s treatment and physical surgeries in front of an audience live on one of Brazil’s popular TV shows. After Queiroz, Rubens Farias Junior, an electrical engineer in Rio de Janeiro became popular as a medium for Dr. Fritz. Besides Queiroz and Farias Junior, a few other people have claimed to incorporate Dr. Fritz over the course of the years. Unfortunately, none of them has been as profoundly investigated as José Arigo.

Today, the truth is, and it might be very difficult to accept, there are at least a handful of individuals into who the spirit Dr. Fritz incorporates. Those that have been investigated – by me, who authors this website – do genuine work, whose treatment seems at times different to José Arigo’s but convincingly effective, successful, and always free of charge. All of them, during the time Dr. Fritz was incorporated in them, have shown modulated language skills and an impressive command of German with an accent that was popular over more than a century ago. Even I myself had and still have difficulties to belief this as it seems too far-fetched to me.

Interestingly, the work of Dr. Fritz through medium Kleber Aran strongly resembles the treatment and surgeries back in José Arigo’s time. For example, the almost violently seeming manoeuvring of the knife blade under the eyelid while rubbing back and forth or sideways. Or the plunging of the almost 4-inch long blade halfway into the upper eye socket while the patient holds still and seems totally unaffected by it. Even the control over the bleeding and the cutting of tissue without the knife, simply by going through the flesh with the hands and fingers, remind of Arigo’s rashed surgeries when there was no knife at hand.

The challenge to understand and explain this work still stands nowadays as it stood at the time of José Arigo, and everybody can come, undergo, and witness it first-hand.