The Spirit Dr. Fritz

The spirit Dr. Fritz possibly is one of the world’s most personally present and directly available spirit entities that people can interact with in a human fashion. Everybody can come and speak with Dr. Fritz as well as receive treatment - all of it free of charge. Neither is he shielded by the volunteers around him nor does he sit on an elevated chair. He shares the floor with all of those who come to visit him as well as those who receive his free treatment and surgeries for spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

Dr. Fritz has identified himself as ‘Adolph Frederick Yeperssoven’, a German surgeon who supposedly died in 1918 during World War I. Although, no information about his lifetime and personal history has been validated to date, the work he has been doing since is nothing short of remarkable. The physical surgeries and interventions that he carries out on the human body are inexplicable and pose a puzzle to science and modern medicine.

The spirit Dr. Fritz is active since 1950

The first time the work of Dr. Fritz was reported was in 1950 when he incorporated into José Arigo (José Pedro de Freitas), a peasant who carried out extremely complex medical surgeries and swiftly wrote sophisticated prescriptions in modern pharmacology although he never went beyond the 3rd grade in school. After José Arigo’s death, Dr. Fritz incorporated in Edson Queiroz and a few select individuals in Brazil.

Incorporating Dr. Fritz can neither be learnt nor taught and there are no discernible indicators that allow for inferring who would be able to incorporate him. For example, medium José Arigo was a peasant with little education whereas medium Edson Queiroz was a fully trained and practising gynaecologist. It seems that it is the spirit Dr. Fritz who chooses in who he wants to incorporate, not the other way around.

Dr. Fritz says that he has chosen to work through the man Kleber Aran because he knows him from his previous life during the time of World War I. Well-regarded individuals such as doctors, celebrities, and politicians are still among those who seek treatment nowadays as they did in Dr. Fritz’s early days in Brazil in the 1950s.

Conscious, aware, compassionate, and amusing

Dr. Fritz has his very own distinct personality. He is utmost compassionate and everybody, who experiences him in actuality, can bear witness that he acts in the patients’ best interests. Despite the seriousness of his work, he can be very amusing and entertaining. People laugh often during the time he is present. He may entertainingly let the patient choose between a pair of scissors or a swab being pushed through their nostrils. If the patient decides for the swab Dr. Fritz expresses his disappointment in an amusing way and might ask “What, do you not trust me?”, whereupon most people in the audience reservedly burst in laughter and grin.

Simply by glancing at somebody, Dr. Fritz seems to scan that person and with it everything that constitutes them, layer by layer permeating their physical, mental, and spiritual existence. At times he gives recommendations and answers even before a given person has properly started to explain what their condition or request is. Dr. Fritz’s responses are meaningful and specific to the respective case.

Even in those instances in which Dr. Fritz shoutingly talks to the audience and volunteers, in broken Portuguese that rather sounds like German than anything else, it is the honesty in his words, and the love and sympathy that he has for each single one, that powerfully resonate with the people. Everyone, and there is no exception to it, understands that he works and wants the best for the people and that he does not make any compromise in this matter.

More than ‘just a doctor’

A notable number of people come to pour out their problems to Dr. Fritz. He offers them emotional solace, spiritual advice and comfort, and although his no oracle he provides concrete guidance on the worldly challenges they face.

Dr. Fritz likes to hug people and they love to embrace him. As they throw themselves at him some start crying and weeping while he is consoling their sorrows. Others start to cheer and grin over their joyfulness. The hugs from Dr. Fritz are heartfelt and affectionate and often this is a way for people to show their respect and say ‘Thank you!’ for the treatment they have received or the cure they experienced.

He does not hesitate to ask why the medical doctors have not done anything upon the view of large tumorous lumps that make the skin protrude before he is taking them out. The power in his arms, the speed of his hands, the precision of his fingers – his actions are perfectly timed when using knife, hammer, scissors, and needles – yet his head and eyes might be directed at something else, away from the patient.

“Let’s see what can be done”

As powerful as the treatment and surgeries may be, Dr. Fritz is always reasonable about his work. He usually says “Let’s see what can be done.”. There are limits to his work and, although rare, there are situations in which he explains to the patient that an intervention would not yield the desired outcome or is likely to worsen their condition. In such instances, his cheerful smile and blazing manner silence notably while his countenance, look, and posture express deep sorrowful disappointment.

Dr. Fritz frequently reminds everybody to be thankful to God and that his work is only possible through God and Christ energy. He often repeats that the spiritual well-being is at least as important as that of the physical body. People need to keep their thoughts elevated and resist the forces that can drag them down. He stresses that maintaining this elevated state of mind is often not easy and that it demands a continuous effort being made.

The phenomenon Dr. Fritz – the spirit of the allegedly deceased German doctor ‘Adolph Frederick Yeperssoven’ – can hardly be grasped and explained with a rational Western mind-set. Yet, everybody is welcome to visit, watch, and undergo the treatment as well as to scrutinise his work.