21 Years and ongoing - Dr. Fritz and Medium Kleber Aran

It has been a long journey. It was by surprise that 21 years ago, in May 1997 in a Spiritist centre in Anapolis (Goiás, Brazil), the spirit Dr. Fritz incorporated into Kleber Aran. That moment, nobody knew what was happening. Aran, 20 years old back then, was supposed to give a passe (a blessing) to one of the visitors.

While giving the passe, he was suddenly making some spasmodic movements upon which his posture, his walking, and his facial expression changed notably. He was all of a sudden shouting in a language that nobody at the centre would understand causing some confusion and misunderstanding. After a few moments of fright, he apparently started to shout in broken Portuguese, demanding a scalpel. But of course there was no scalpel, it was a normal Spiritist centre like the many others that populated Brazil. Not hesitating long, the strangely acting Aran grabbed a pen shaft and stuck into the belly of the person hat should have received the passe from him. Then he pulled the shaft out and tightly squeezed the flesh and skin around the wound causing some round-shaped tissue to pop out. He separated the tissue from the rest and eventually mumbled something to the patient.

The weirdly behaving Aran then gave to understand in faltering Portuguese and with a grumpily-sounding guttural voice that he is Adolph Frederick Yeperssoven and that he will be working with Aran for many years to come. When Dr. Fritz left Aran’s body, Aran came back to his senses. People had to tell him what happened. He had no recollection of what just happened but saw some drops and smears of blood on his hands. Aran couldn’t believe what he was told. Even worse, he was scared and frightened. He did not want to be the conduit for Dr. Fritz because previous popular mediums of him died tragic untimely deaths and there was some rumorous hearsay about Dr. Fritz mediums are cursed. He did not want to share the same fate. Over time, Aran calmed down. He understood that there is no curse and started to work more regularly under the control of this brilliant medical spirit named Dr. Fritz.

As impressive and ineffable as this all may seem, the journey was not always easy. Religious believe deeply rooted in Brazil’s culture and society and medical associations often judge such spiritual treatment as a nefarious practice. Also, Brazil’s media, which is mainly in the hands of religious businessmen, hardly broadcasts some neutral material but favours sensation and buzz instead of well-research documentations.

However, 21 years into serving as a vehicle for Dr. Fritz, more than 1.5 million people have been attended throughout Brazil and an ever growing number seeks cure and solace. With the regular work in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia, and Aracaju, medium Aran and Dr. Fritz are in high demand, sometimes serving over 10,000 people a month and conducting over 100 invasive surgeries. Impressive numbers for an ineffable phenomenon.

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