Spiritual Surgery - A Brief Overview

Spiritual surgery is one of the various facets that comprise spiritual treatment. Spiritual surgery describes the process of an alleged spirit entity carrying out an operation on a patient, which usually is a living human being or even an animal. Spiritual surgery can be visible or invisible and it is claimed that the power and effect are equal.

In visible spiritual surgeries, the alleged spirit entity generally incorporates into a human being, which, under the control of the spirit, is used to execute the surgery. Visible spiritual surgeries often involve remarkable physical interventions on the patient’s bodies, which are similar to real surgical procedures, including making deep incisions into the flesh or excisions of tumours tissues. Visible spiritual surgeries can even go beyond what is medically deemed ‘possible’, such as scratching with the sharp blade of a non-sterile knife on the eye’s cornea or removing tumours that doctors don’t want to remove due to innervation with other tissue such as the spinal cord.

In invisible spiritual surgeries, the spirit entity executes the surgery directly without the help of a human agent. Hence, invisible spiritual surgeries are carried out without the mind-boggling and astonishing physical interventions but are supposed to have a similar effect on the person that is treated.

Spiritual surgery is not psychic surgery

There is an often accepted and widespread misconception that spiritual surgery equals psychic surgery or psychic healing, which is wrong by definition. The term ‘psychic’ relates to supernatural or paranormal capabilities of a human being. However, in spiritual surgery, the surgical procedure is purportedly carried out by a spirit or a group of spirits, whereas the human agent, if used, is under the control of the alleged spirit.

Importantly, the US Federal Trade Commission (Volume 86, 1975) stats “‘psychic surgery’ is pure fakery. The body is not opened, no ‘surgery’ is performed with the bare hands or with anything else, and nothing is removed from the body. The entire ‘operation’ is an egregious fraud perpetrated by sleight-of-hand and similar tricks and devices.”.

In the physical surgeries done by Dr. Fritz, the body is opened and real body tissue is removed. Scientists are invited to come and investigate these events as well as to investigate the removed tissue.

Spiritual surgery performed by the spirit Dr. Fritz

The spirit Dr. Fritz is in control of the medium – the person in which he incorporates. Similarly to previous mediums, medium Kleber Aran states that he has no knowledge and memories of what is happening during the time Dr. Fritz is incorporated in him. The surgery is allegedly performed by Dr. Fritz.

Spiritual surgery through Dr. Fritz Cannot Be Learnt

Incorporating Dr. Fritz cannot be learnt. Those people who incorporated or incorporate him and did such astounding work are a selected few. There are no programmes that teach such skills and there is no money that can buy them.

Spiritual surgery can use real instruments

In spiritual surgery, the surgery can be performed without or with physical intervention. According to the mediums and the alleged spirits, there is no difference in the effect it has on the patient.

Spiritual surgery is not strictly related to Spiritism

Although it is often stated that spiritual surgery is rooted in the Spiritist belief, the Spiritism doctrine – as established by Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, who wrote under the pseudonym Allan Kardec – does not explicitly mention spiritual surgery or events that could be related to such occurrences. However, the basis of the Spiritist doctrine, which is that spirits exist and that humans reincarnate in various places and in various ‘shapes’ in various spheres and dimensions, can serve as a basis upon which spiritual surgery could be ‘explained’.

Spiritual surgery does not demand religious belief

Everybody can undergo spiritual surgery, there is no compulsion in religion or faith. However, the mediums, and allegedly the spirits, reiterate that God exists, that the Holy Spirit is true, and that following Christ is the way for growth and evolvement in each of us.

Spiritual surgery is a way to work towards a cure

Spiritual surgery is one of the facets of spiritual treatment to work towards a cure of a person’s disease. If healing will be achieved is

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