Spiritual Treatment – A Brief Introduction

In general, the term spiritual treatment, referring to how it is understood in Brazil where Dr. Fritz is active, is a treatment done by one or more incorporeal entities, assumed spirits, which often use one or more humans, so-called ‘mediums’, to convey energy or an energetic potential onto the person that is treated or to facilitate this person in other positive ways.

The main goals of spiritual treatment are restoring the faith in God as well as the healing of physical, non-physical, and spiritual conditions. It is proposed and assumed that the healthy spiritual existence of an individual will strongly enable, contribute and trigger physical, mental, and emotional health.

Spiritual treatment is charitable work and free of charge, because it is the purported spirits that do the work.

Spiritual surgeries

Although the treatment is called ‘spiritual’, it can include profound physical surgeries or interventions such as making deep incisions into the patient’s flesh and removing lipomas or malign tumour tissue from inside the patient’s body.

One of the distinct features of spiritual treatment is that these physical surgeries are generally carried out without the use of anaesthetics, antisepsis, hypnosis or other preparations, and are therefore considered impossible by traditional medicine and modern science. These physical interventions are part of the spiritual treatment and are often called ‘spiritual surgeries’.

The patient is fully conscious during the entire procedure, even during the physical surgeries, and the people in the environment can talk and engage with them as the procedure is being carried out.

Difference to other alternative treatments and therapies

It is important to note that spiritual treatment, as conducted by Dr. Fritz and in Brazil in general, hardly bears any relation to other forms of treatments whose terminology seems similar or whose treatment looks familiar such as ‘spiritual mind treatment’, ‘psychic healing’, ‘shamanism’, or other popular alternative health therapies.

The main differentiator to other alternative approaches is that in spiritual treatment, the actual healing-orientated work is done by a spirit of a deceased human, who frequently uses a living person – a ‘medium’ – to carry out their work. The medium purely represents the physical vehicle of which the purported spirit takes control and it is often stated that the medium has no knowledge of all the events that happen during the time the spirit has taken over control.

The spiritual treatment from Dr. Fritz does not rely on sacrifices, chanted incantation, animal spirits, hypnosis, intoxication or any other means that would alter the patient’s conscious state.

Simplicity of service

The spiritual treatment and the entire service conducted by Dr. Fritz seem very simple and pragmatic, this also applies to the venue where the service takes place. Visitors, who are unfamiliar with Dr. Fritz’s centre might in vain search for any sumptuousness.

The patients do not need to prepare for receiving treatment. People simply arrive at Dr. Fritz’s centre and consult with Dr. Fritz. Some of them may undergo a surgery, depending on their condition. Thereafter, they may be requested to eat something before they leave.

Freedom of religion

None of the patients and volunteers is requested to have a certain religion. Hence, besides Catholics and Protestants there are atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, and people from many different faith branches such as Umbanda and Candomblé.

Reference to God, the Holy Spirit, Christ

Regardless of the religious freedom, spiritual treatment references to God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ. The Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary are prayed a few times during the service. Dr. Fritz admonishes everybody that nothing of this work would be possible without the Father and Christ’s energy.

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