Rio de Janeiro - July 2018 - treatment extended

The treatment days of Dr. Fritz's service in Rio de Janeiro have been extended. Dr. Fritz is going to attend all people in the borough of Campo Grande in Rio de Janeiro in July 2018:


LOCATION: Avenida Cesário de Melo - 5681 Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro

As usual, Dr. Fritz will be attending all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problems that people have.

You can find all other treatment dates for Rio de Janeiro (and Salvador) for the remainder of the year 2018 on the When & Where page. Everybody who would like to receive treatment, investigate or simply experience Dr. Fritz through medium Kleber Aran can join for any service. There are no cost for the service or treatment and no prior registration needed.

Please wear bright or white clothes and shoes. If possible, bring 1 kg of non-perishable food such as packaged rice, beans, etc. The food will be donated to local charities that care for deprived children.