Read Before You Judge

“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with
sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forego their use.”
Galileo Galilei,
in a letter to the Grand Duchess Christina (1615)

“Yes”, the phenomenon ‘Dr. Fritz‘ seems to be outrageously unbelievable and generally impossible.

“Yes”, it is clear that many of Dr. Fritz’s actions contradict most human reason and rationality and that, by this point in time, human logic cannot explain Dr. Fritz’s doing.

“Yes”, even spiritual hardliners are likely to mistrust the phenomenon when they hear about it for the first time. Because on a superficial level it seems to go too much against the commonly accepted stereotypes of spirituality.

“Yes”, if there is a better explanation for this phenomenon, we should gratefully accept it.

Dr. Fritz - "I am not God"

Despite the outstanding work and people being cured, what is essential and must be understood is that the spirit Dr. Fritz, no matter how powerful he is, should not be taken as the panacea. There is no questioning that Dr. Fritz always tries to achieve the best for each single one who arrives at his centre - no matter whether it is treating an illness or support with difficult challenges in life - he himself reminds the people "I am not God, but I will fight and do everything in my power to help you."

A constructive approach

Before judging on the phenomenon Dr. Fritz, we must carefully consider the important facts involved. If we want to obtain a better understanding, we need to make contributions that enable a dialogue or discussion based on reason. Viscerally driven judgements without any investigation or simple neglect are not sufficient to understand this phenomenon and are unlikely to help anybody.

Riddled half-truths do not help

The hearsay and riddled half-truths that are loosely spread across the internet, including and, are mostly reposted and slightly reformulated phrases of the earliest criticism. To the website author’s knowing, none of the popular critics has ever been on site and investigated the work of Dr. Fritz themselves first-hand.

Do not confuse a person’s wrongdoing with the work of Dr. Fritz

Importantly, the possible wrongdoing of a person that incorporates the spirit Dr. Fritz, such as trying to gain a financial advantage through this charitable work, should not be projected on another person that incorporates Dr. Fritz or on the work that is done by Dr. Fritz. There are accounts that somoe past mediums eventually tried to gain a financial advantage and benefit and some of these accounts seem valid.

You do not believe what Dr. Fritz does?

Everybody – independent of their belief, religion, ethnicity – can investigate Dr. Fritz’s work. No one has to give prior notice before coming and investigating the events at Dr. Fritz’s centre. Nothing apart from your own schedule, commitments and responsibilities holds you back.

Good reasons to come and check it out yourself