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The phenomenon Dr. Fritz is as unbelievable and mind-boggling as it is marvellous and outstanding. The spirit of the deceased German doctor, through his doing and deeds, awes and awe-inspires multitudes.

For a presentation that is catchy, humorous, intriguing, and informative, a talk about Dr. Fritz is very likely to delight, entertain, and to awe your audience, leaving a long-lasting positive impression they are unlikely to forget.

The offered presentations about Dr. Fritz are tailored towards the intended target groups such as independent and public gatherings, private events, business and congresses audiences, the scientific community, and other special-purpose groups.

The topic is new, the case is strong, and the narrative is as fascinating as it possibly can be. There are many unknown stories, anecdotes, and experiences to share that impress the interested and the curious kind as well as the sceptics, critics, and naysayers alike.

Much of the images and footage shown throughout the presentations have been captured and collected over a long period of time up to the present day and are not going to be made available to the general public. This way, the imagery and footage, intertwined into a breath-taking and equally fun story guarantee an astounded and astonished audience.

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