Scientific Investigation & Research

Scientific investigations into the phenomenon Dr. Fritz have scarcely been conducted by medical doctors, biochemists, physicists, and other academics on a few different mediums in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s whereas the most-studied medium eventually was José Arigo. Although the surgeries, the treatment, and the cures have been confirmed more data are needed for a solid scientific validation.

Investigating the phenomenon based on scientific criteria is a unique opportunity to study a physically and mentally healthy, living subject that shows different skills, language, and knowledge when allegedly under the influence of the spirit Dr. Fritz.

A deeper understanding of the phenomenon can enable new insights into the neurological correlates of mind and consciousness formation, cognitive information processing, language processing, motor function and motor control, and various other aspects.

With the current advancements in different scientific fields such as cognitive neuroscience, biochemistry, and physiology, combined with modern analytic tools and early forms of machine learning, investigations and experiments can be conducted at levels that were not possible beforehand or simply too expensive.

The objective is to collect data that yield quantifiable results in agreement with current scientific standards. Only in this way, it is possible to provide a neutral and unbiased explanation of this striking phenomenon.

Please note: All scientists, doctors, medical & health professionals, research organisations, independent explorers as well as critics and doubters are welcome to investigate the work of Dr. Fritz and medium Kleber Aran. Please use the contact form if you would like to receive more information, would like to come for a first visit, or to discuss research opportunities.

Some of the essential questions to be answered are:

There are numerous ways of studying this phenomenon. As unbelievable as it may seem as urgent is its deeper scientific investigation – as it has been overlooked for too long. Please take this request for research seriously.

For any questions, remarks, and comments simply contact me. Your input is much appreciated.