Can Dr. Fritz Help Me?

This is a commentary article from the website author.

Many people who suffer from an illness or who are driven by other reasons such as seeking ‘the spiritual’ want to know whether the spirit Dr. Fritz can help them. The answer to this question is everything but straightforward, a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would not do justice to this matter.

It is important to understand that Dr. Fritz is hardly the magic bullet for everybody or every health condition. Yes, there are people who experience something that could be termed an ‘instant cure’ or a ‘significant immediate remission’ of their illness upon undergoing Dr. Fritz’s treatment for the first time. Although, many people come with hopes and aspirations for such cures, it is important to understand that not everybody will make such an experience.

The service, which is charitable work from Dr. Fritz to humankind, is termed ‘Spiritual treatment from Dr. Fritz through medium Aran’ with the aim of achieving a physical, mental, emotional, and most of all, a spiritual cure.

It is true that, through medium Aran, Dr. Fritz’s work and the surgeries conducted by him seem ‘supernatural’, as he does physical interventions on the patient’s body that are considered impossible by modern traditional medicine. Yet, although Dr. Fritz is trying hard, he clearly communicates that he cannot provide a guarantee that somebody who comes being sick will leave as a ‘medically cured individual’. Dr. Fritz often reminds the audience and patients that all the cutting into the flesh and operating on the physical body is in vain when the patient does not open their heart and when their soul does not change for a ‘healthier condition’.

Not just a matter of mind-set

Quite some time has been spent on investigating Dr. Fritz and his service in its entirety. And as much as there is a desire to report that there seems to be an indicator of how a patient could facilitate the treatment, it is difficult to do so. Some people, who report not to have any expectations nor great faith, will later on say that they are in a much better shape since they have undergone Dr. Fritz’s treatment. Others, who arrive at Dr. Fritz’s centre, will say that they have strong faith and they later on report that the treatment did not lead to a measureable improvement of their physical or mental condition.

Complementary to medical treatment

It is no problem to undergo the medical treatment that your doctor or health professional prescribed to you and at the same time undergo Dr. Fritz’s treatment. Frequently, it is the case that people bring their CT-scans or medical exams to Dr. Fritz who then reads them and takes them into consideration. It can even happen that Dr. Fritz asks for a new medical exam after a certain period of time. Some of the volunteers, who help out at Dr. Fritz’s centre, are among those people who show their medical exams to Dr. Fritz.

In case you are ill and you seek help

If you suspect to have an illness or if are ill you should, in the first place, seek the counsel from a qualified doctor or health professional, even when you think or when you feel that Dr. Fritz could help or cure you. Seek advice from other qualified medical professionals when you are not content with the medical professional(s) you consult. In case you want to come to Brazil, discuss with them the possibility to travel to Brazil and obtain clarification whether your current constitution allows for such a journey.

Should you visit Dr. Fritz or not?

If you want to go to Dr. Fritz simply for the ‘spiritual experience’, there should be no objection to visiting Dr. Fritz in Brazil. You are very likely to make one of the most outstanding experiences in your life.

If you want to visit Dr. Fritz because of a health condition that can be successfully treated through conventional (or alternative) treatment or therapy, you can do the medical treatment as well as receive treatment from Dr. Fritz, in case your doctor or health professional permits you to travel to Dr. Fritz.

If you are ill and you have tried all available traditional medical (and alternative) treatment and you are in the constitution to travel, then I personally believe that visiting Dr. Fritz is a better option than no option at all or struggling against terrible odds. In this case I would definitely recommend to visit Dr. Fritz.

Personally, I – the author of – am convinced that Dr. Fritz’s treatment is beneficial in any case. However, I’m also aware that other people may think differently and I would like everybody to not do anything rushed or ill-considered.

General guidance

As a general rule, Dr. Fritz’s treatment does not do any harm – at least none of the hundreds of people who have shared their stories over the years, but it can be very beneficial to the patient. Therefore, from this standpoint it can be said that visiting Dr. Fritz can be considered by everybody who is in the constitution to travel.

If you are uncertain about travelling to Dr. Fritz, feel free to contact me. I will try my best to answer your questions.

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