Inexplicable Surgeries & Cures

With only a kitchen knife, which has a worn wooden handle, Dr. Fritz performs the most medically complex surgeries on the human body. Sometimes he uses other tools such as scalpels, scissors, or simply his fingers. Depending on the patient’s illness Dr. Fritz cuts through the skin, the flesh, and the viscera to remove tissue such as tumours, lipomas and cysts from underneath the skin or inside the body.

Despite deep incisions and large openings there usually is little bleeding or, at times, no bleeding at all. The surgeries are finished in a matter of moments – not only the ‘simple’ ones but also those surgeries that are considered ‘complex’, ‘difficult’, or ‘impossible’ such as malignant tumours that seem to connect to nervous strands in the spine.

There are no anaesthetics, no antisepsis, and no pre-medical procedure. There is no preparation, no hypnosis, and no trance-enforcing actions or alike. People simply walk up to Dr. Fritz who is incorporated in Kleber Aran and ask him for help – everyone is allowed to do so. Upon a quick examination Dr. Fritz decides on which treatment to pursue and whether a physical surgery to carry out or not. At times Dr. Fritz does not even look at or touch the area of concern and still he is able to correctly differentiate between the different conditions such as a lipoma or infected cyst.

Before Dr. Fritz carries out a physical surgery he usually says to the patient “My sun/my daughter, only think of Jesus”. This, if considered as a ‘preparation’, is the only pre-surgical procedure before the surgery starts. The patients are fully conscious during the physical surgeries and commonly say that they feel the operation happening on them but that they have felt little or even no pain at all.

Dr. Fritz neither uses any supplementary equipment such as rags or sponges nor does he make any unnecessary hand movements that could distract the attention of the individual that is watching or investigating the surgery. Dr. Fritz appreciates people to watch and witness what he is doing, especially medical doctors and scientists.

The surgeries are performed in front of all patients and visitors and everyone can come, watch, and scrutinise these events.

All treatment, including the physical surgeries and interventions, are part of the spiritual treatment from Dr. Fritz and free of charge for everybody.

"Removing the tumour tissue is a fraction of the work.
The real deeper spiritual surgical process is happening at other levels."

Dr. Fritz, through medium Kleber Aran

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Fritz’s treatment is no replacement for professional medical advice and medical care.