Spiritual Treatment

For Dr. Fritz it is a matter of course that every human being has a spiritual existence.

All treatment from Dr. Fritz is primarily for the patient’s spirit and secondarily for their body, including the physical surgeries and other physical interventions. The treatment’s main goal is to achieve the well-being of the patient’s spiritual existence providing the basis for physical and mental healing. However, there is no preparation needed to receive a physical surgery or another physical intervention.

At Dr. Fritz’s centre, no patient or visitor is requested to show or express a conviction that this treatment is the only way for a cure or relief. Rather it is an honest mind, a humble perspective, and sobriety that is appreciated. The treatment is complementary to traditional medicine. There are often people in the audience who receive the traditional medical treatment and treatment from Dr. Fritz.

The spiritual treatment from Dr. Fritz is unrelated to religion. Everyone is welcome, independent of their religion and belief. However, what Dr. Fritz will ask everybody for is faith – faith in God, in Christ, and in the Holy Spirit – which are considered true rather than part of a religious belief. Similarly, the existence of the ‘spiritual world’ or ‘spiritual existence’ is understood to constitute the reality we live in.

The treatment has no links to other alternative therapies and at best only shares little similarity. The application of large and small needles does not in any way remind of acupuncture. The use of scissors, scalpels, and Dr. Fritz’s ‘kitchen knife’ reminds of proper surgical interventions in a hospital’s surgery room rather than any new-age therapy.

Dr. Fritz’s spiritual treatment is not related to shamanism and there are no sacrifices being made. It is also unrelated to the popular ‘Philippine faith healers’, although at the first glimpse they seem partly similar to the layperson.

The biggest differentiator of Dr. Fritz’s spiritual treatment to other therapy forms is that it is the spirit of an allegedly deceased medical doctor, who does the actual work. This eventually is 'an explanation' for those miraculously seeming surgeries and cures.

Spiritual treatment – or ‘tratamento espiritual’ in Brazilian Portuguese – is commonly known and accepted as health treatment by many Brazilians. Yet, not every Brazilian believes in it, eventually due to long-standing indoctrinated religious beliefs that are deeply rooted in Brazilian culture. Interestingly, in recent years Brazilian TV channels have reported that the interest and the number of people who seek and receive spiritual treatment has notably grown.

For detailed information about freely provided spiritual treatment and treatment centres, please see www.spiritualtreatment.org.