Treatment from Dr. Fritz

The spirit Dr. Fritz is very likely one of the world’s most personally present and directly available spiritual entities people can directly engage with as they do with their human fellows. The treatment and the physical surgeries that Dr. Fritz performs on the human body are exceptional and defy any rationality and common sense – all of it free of charge.

To date, no scientist or medical professional could explain the phenomenon. Yet, many people have been cured or recovered greatly regardless whether their conditions were considered ‘curable’ or ‘incurable’ by modern medical standards. Everyone is welcome to receive the treatment as well as to visit, scrutinise, and testify Dr. Fritz’s work.

Dr. Fritz clearly states that treating the patient’s spirit has importance – the surgeries, the cures, and physical well-being are reflections of that. The human condition is too intricate to provide an ‘absolute guarantee for cure’ – such would evoke misleading expectations. However, everybody who seeks Dr. Fritz can be guaranteed that he works tirelessly and without asking for anything apart from faith in the power of Jesus of Nazareth and rejoicing in God.

Between 300 to 800 people who are treated on a single day, occasionally more than that. Dr. Fritz does not finish his work before everybody has been attended by him.

Why people travel to Dr. Fritz

The majority of visitors and patients have medically treatable illnesses or minor ailments. There is also a notable number of individuals who suffer from severe forms of cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic illnesses, eye diseases, other mental health issues and health-compromising, life-changing conditions. People also travel to and consult with Dr. Fritz because of family issues, life advice, treatment for infertility, as well as general spiritual guidance and support.

Patients and visitors

People from all backgrounds and social classes come together at Dr. Fritz’s centre. No matter what age, no matter whether child, adolescent, adult, or elderly. There are bankers, celebrities, politicians, and also medical doctors among those who seek help and advice. Each single one will be attended by Dr. Fritz and receives treatment in a caring, kind, and friendly fashion. There is no hierarchy, everybody can walk up to Dr. Fritz and talk to him.

Treatment period

The duration of Dr. Fritz’s treatment is determined by Dr. Fritz. For severe cases treatment might finish after the first visitation but it can equally take longer. It solely depends on the patient and their condition. Dr. Fritz will tell in the moment he first encounters a given person.

Medium Kleber Aran

Kleber Aran is the man into who Dr. Fritz incorporates. He is in full trance during the entire time Dr. Fritz works through him. Kleber Aran does not perceive nor remember the events that happen during that time.

For more information about Dr. Fritz’s treatment, please see the pages Remarkable Physical Surgeries and Spiritual Treatment.