When & Where

The spirit of the alleged German surgeon 'Adolph Frederick Yperssoven' - in short 'Dr. Fritz' - incorporates into the man Kleber Aran in order to treat the sick and to support the destitute. Currently, there are three different cities in Brazil in which this work is carried out. These cities are Salvador da Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, and Aracaju. Sometimes, the work takes place in other parts in Brazil too.

All treatment from Dr. Fritz is free of charge. Everybody is welcome to visit as well as seek and receive treatment. The event dates here below are up-to-date. Please read the pages Important Travel Advice and Visiting Dr. Fritz if you are thinking of travelling to Dr. Fritz.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes, treatment dates may change at short notice. Confirm with me whether Dr. Fritz is going to work on the dates stated here below - contact me.

Treatment days in Lauro de Freitas (Salvador da Bahia) 2018

Address: Rua Blandina F. da Silva, Casa 100, Lauro de Freitas. See it here on Google Maps.

Treatment days in Rio de Janeiro 2018

Address: Mello Tennis Club, Rua Caroen, 171 - Penha Circular, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brazil. See it here on Google Maps. NOTE This is an interim solution and the address might change thoroughout the year.

Treatment days in Aracaju 2018

Address: Rua ubatã, 97, 49000000 Aracaju, Brazil. See it here on Here Maps