The spirit Dr. Fritz
working through the man Kleber Aran
Dr. Fritz is the spirit of a deceased German doctor now working through the man Kleber Aran in Brazil to cure the sick, to strengthen the weak, and to support everyone who asks for help.

The work of the doctor spirit

The work done by the spirit Dr. Fritz is distinct, extraordinary, and sometimes seems limitless. People come for treatment of all kinds of diseases and health problems – mainly physical but also mental, emotional, and spiritual.
The physical surgeries that Dr. Fritz performs on the human body are at times considered impossible by modern medical standards. No scientist or medical professional could yet explain the phenomenon, yet they have confirmed the events.
Everyone is welcome to receive the treatment or to visit and scrutinise the work. All treatment from Dr. Fritz is completely free of charge.
Kleber Aran is the man in which the spirit Dr. Fritz incorporates. His full name is Kleber Aran Ferreira da Silva but people often call him Aran or 'Mestre Aran'. He is a warm-hearted, calm, and very down-to-earth person with a natural positive presence. One would hardly think that he is the medium that incorporates the spirit Dr. Fritz.
Please read this before you judge